Product application

The products are widely used in electronics, IC chips, electrical appliances, lighting fixtures, jewelry, hardware tools, sanitary wares, instruments, auto parts, mobile phone communication parts, hardware molds, precision instruments, medical devices, integrated circuits, it electronic products, digital gold parts, military aviation parts, clothing, leather, catering cookers, craft gifts, advertising clothing Decoration and many other metal and non-metal fields.

Price advantage

All kinds of high, medium and low-end equipment meet the needs of different companies. The company's middle and low-end products are sold in a way close to cost, so that our products can truly achieve "European and American quality, Chinese price"

High quality supply chain

All accessories are provided by stable and reliable high-quality suppliers. As small as one button switch, extremely strict screening procedures are used to ensure the stability and accuracy of products;

Scientific research team

The company has its own R & D team, including software developers, experienced tooling designers, production line designers, machining personnel


This column mainly introduces the news about qt'laser marking machine and laser welding machine


desktop laser marking machine

The desktop laser marking machine belongs to semi-automatic marking. It needs to manually remove the workpiece. After the processing is completed, it is taken down to place the next one. This mode of operation will be relatively time-consumi...


fiber laser engraver cost

Product name: Fiber Laser Engraving Machine Applicable materials: Any metal (including rare metals), stainless steel, alumina materials, engineering plastics, electroplating materials, coating materials, spray materials, plastic rubber, epo...


used fiber laser engraver for s

Product name: used laser equipment Transferred 99% of the new laser engraving machine. Basically, it didnt work much after the purchase, everything was intact. The body has no scratches. Bring all kinds of small pieces. I want to transfer f...


50w fiber laser marking machine

Category: Fiber Laser Marking Machine Introduction: 50W fiber laser marking machine, as a high-power fiber laser marking machine, has the same performance as 10W, 20W, 30W, but the power of the marking machine is increased, and the strength...